Hey there, and welcome to Dessert Destinations!

I’m a seventeen year old lover of all things sweet and travel! While cooking is very fun, baking is my true love, hence Dessert Destinations. (as you can see, I started baking early in life)

This website type blog will be filled with information and recipes about desserts around the world. Each country/destination will be paired with the perfect dessert that captures everything exciting with each location. The gallery will be filled with images of every photographic dish, along with the recipe tab filled with, you guessed it, recipes! Linked above is also my Pinterest account where you can explore my themes and aesthetics I hope to achieve. Thank you for following along to each destination, and I hope this inspires you to create any of these desserts!

Each pin marks a location I will be pairing with a dessert!

Starting with Europe:
✔️ Portugal, ✔️Spain, ✔️France, ✔️Netherlands, ✔️Denmark, and ✔️Lithuania. 

Next with our tour of Asia: ✔️Israel, ✔️Russia, ✔️Kazakhstan, ✔️Vietnam, and ✔️Japan. 

Then its time to explore South America: ✔️Argentina, ✔️Peru, and ✔️Colombia.

Lastly ending in Africa: ✔️Morocco and ✔️Egypt.